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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994 to treat a number of dental problems.

The application of lasers in dentistry opens the door for dentists to perform a wide variety of dental procedures they otherwise may not be capable of performing. If you consider yourself somewhat of an anxious dental patient and are seeking extreme safety and comfort, you might consider looking for dentists who have incorporated laser dentistry techniques into their practices and treatments.

It is estimated that only 6 percent of general dentists own a laser for soft-tissue and whitening applications. Committed to the latest in dental technology, we are pleased to offer the Biolase ezlase Dental Laser in our family of high-tech instruments.

Biolase, Inc. has led the field of laser dentistry, developing, manufacturing, and distributing laser systems in dentistry. This has transformed dental practices, where dentists and clinicians are better able to repair and restore dental conditions, while alleviating pain and reducing anxiety associated with dentistry. Biolase lasers have changed dental practices globally, setting the standard of care and quality in laser-based solutions.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require sutures (stitches).
  • Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthesia.
  • Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments.
  • Bacterial infections are minimized because the high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on.
  • Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized.
  • Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated.

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