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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is the concept of reproducing or repairing teeth and adjoining bones and tissue through the use of metal and ceramic materials. The goal is to make use of the full array of treatment options available to us to restore your dental health and functionality.

In addition to solutions such as dentures crowns and bridges, our dentists are able to offer dental implants as a treatment option. With implants, artificial teeth are surgically anchored to the jawbone in the area just below the gum-line. Ceramic crowns, dental onlays or veneers cover the appearance of the “new tooth.” Over time, the human body completes the process, by growing bone and tissue around the tooth. This provides the artificial implanted tooth with even more stability and permanence.

When successfully applied, restorative dentistry returns the tooth or the space where one previously occupied to as close to its original condition as possible. It provides patients with optimal health, function and cosmetic appearance.

At Carolina’s Dental Choice in Monroe, the combination of our experienced, skilled dentists and our excellent dental labs provide us with an unsurpassed ability to address the restorative needs of our patients.

Whenever the time comes for you, a family member or friend to explore advanced dental treatment options, including restorative dentistry, please contact Carolina’s Dental Choice at 704-289-9519.

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